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ROCK LINE UP Nov. 30th - Dec. 6th


Thursday NOV 30th

RED PIANO: Sarah Angel, Jason Libs, SB Comedy Nights (Backstage)-5pm
SOHO: Proxima Parada w/ Moorea Masa & The Mood-830pm
INSTITUTION ALE: Marika & The Ohm-7pm


Friday DEC 1st

WHISKEY RICHARDS: The Last Decade-9pm
RED PIANO: Sarah Angel, Jason Libs, Jim Rankin-3pm
MSPECIAL(GOLETA): Soul Majestic-6pm
MSPECIAL(SB): Random Animals-7pm
CARR WINERY: Do No Harm-7pm
NIGHT LIZARD: The Brasscals-830pm
CHUMASH: Mannheim Steamroller Christmas By Chip Davis-8pm
MAJESTIC VENTURA: Brit Floyd w/ Durga McBroom & PJ Olsson-8pm
VENTURA MUSIC HALL: Ray & Paul, Jacklen Ro, Field DAZE, Dudley-730pm


Saturday DEC 2nd

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Rockstar Karaoke-9pm
RED PIANO: Sarah Angel, Jason Libs, TBD-3pm
FIG MOUNTAIN: Colonel Angus w/ Ransom Note-7pm
EOS: Kevin Knapp-9pm
NIGHT LIZARD: Sunkissed, Mark Alvarado Trio-5pm
MSPECIAL(GOLETA): Ben Betts Looping-6pm
MSPECIAL(SB): Grass Mountain-8pm
MAJESTIC VENTURA: Nekromantix-8pm


Sunday DEC 3rd

RED PIANO: Sarah Angel, Jason Libs-4pm
SOHO: Holiday Charity Show w/ The Tribe + Special Guests-8pm


Monday DEC 4th

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Open Mic Night-8pm


Tuesday DEC 5th

RED PIANO: Sarah Angel, Jason Libs-5pm
SOHO: Holiday Hang w/ Lois Mahalia-7pm


Wednesday DEC 6th

RED PIANO: Sarah Angel, Jason Libs-5pm
VENTURA MUSIC HALL: KJEE Welcomes THE STRUTS w/ Mac Saturn & Hot For Crime-730pm
MAJESTIC VENTURA: Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, Josie Cotton, The Black Tones, DJ Thirst N Howl-8pm







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