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ROCK LINE UP April 11th - 17th


Thursday APR 11th

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Diva Karaoke w/ Vivian Storm-8pm
RED PIANO: Sara Angel, Jason Libs-5pm
SOHO: KJEE’s Local Pick of the Week Loc Dawgs w/ Lizardsmouth & Melloncaller-8pm
INSTITUTION ALE: Erinn Alissa-7pm
MAJESTIC VENTURA: Gondwana, E. N. Young & Imperial Sound-8pm


Friday APR 12th

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Firing All Cylinders, Sinsation, Suppressed Intention, Dirt Fight-8pm
RED PIANO: Sarah Angel, Jason Libs, Jim Rankin -3pm
SOHO: The Charities w/ The Silvertones-9pm
MSPECIAL(GOLETA): Rincon Robby-5pm
MSPECIAL(SB): The Pit-7pm
UPTOWN LOUNGE: Mezcal Martini-8pm


Saturday APR 13th

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Rockstar Karaoke
RED PIANO: Sarah Angel, Jason Libs, Greg Godfrey-3pm
MSPECIAL(SB): Random Animals-7pm


Sunday APR 14th

RED PIANO: Sarah Angel, Jason Libs -4pm
SOHO: Trace Bundy-730pm
MSPECIAL(SB): The Decent Folk-2pm


Monday APR 15th

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Open Mic Night-8pm
RED PIANO: Matt Lomeo-730pm


Tuesday APR 16th

RED PIANO: Sarah Angel, Jason Libs-5pm
SOHO: Reverend Lumpy & Loyal Defense Workers-7pm


Wednesday APR 17th

RED PIANO: Sarah Angel, Jason Libs-5pm
ARLINGTON: Herbie Hancock-8pm















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