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Tuesday September 19th



SOHO: Jamie Greene, Ali Handal, Early Settler-630pm, $10

VINA ROBLES: Earth, Wind & Fire-8pm




Wednesday September 20th




ARLINGTON: Fleet Foxes, Natalie Prass

SOHO: Andrew Belle, Praytelle-8pm, $10-12

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Punk on Vinyl-9pm, 21+

THE GOODLAND: LJ Laboratory-8pm

DISCOVERY VENTURA: The Wailers-730pm


Thursday September 21st





VENTURA THEATER: KJEE Presents Jimmy Eat World-8pm, $29.50

VINA ROBLES: KJEE Presents Pepper & Tribal Seeds-7pm

SOHO: Leonard Cohen Tribute feat. The Smitty & Julia Band-8pm, $10





Friday September 22nd




VELVET JONES: Mike Stinson, Matt Armor-8pm, 21+, $10

FIG MOUNTAIN: The Caverns-7pm

M.SPECIAL: The Youngsters-6pm

CARR WINERY: Rent Party Blues Band-630pm

DISCOVERY VENTURA: Kyle Smith, Soultry Dub-730pm

COLD SPRING TAVERN: KJEE’s Localize It Pick of the Week Bryan Titus Trio-6-9pm





Saturday September 23rd





VENTURA THEATER: An Evening with Gov’t Mule-8pm, $38-52.50

VINA ROBLES: Jay Leno-8pm

SOHO: Goldlink-9pm, 21+, $20-25

VELVET JONES: Mr. Friendly, Colonel Angus-9pm, 21+, $5

M8RX: Omarion-5pm, 21+

FIG MOUNTAIN: KJEE’s Localize It Pick of the Week Bryan Titus Trio play FIGTOBERFEST-3-5pm

PURE ORDER: The Agreeables-5pm

YELLOW BELLY: KJEE’s Localize It Pick of the Week Bryan Titus Trio-6pm

DARGAN’S: RedFish-10pm, 21+

M.SPECIAL: Kinsella Band-530pm

DRAUGHTSMEN: Barry McGuire-4pm

PIANO KITCHEN: Sean Hamilton, Toy Shop Ghost, Emily Hay-8pm

GRANADA: Tower Of Power-8pm


COLD SPRING TAVERN: Michael Edward & the Aftermath, Green Flag Summer-115-8pm





Sunday September 24th






SOHO: World Wide Kid, One Hundred Paces, Ashton York-7pm, $8

RINCON BREWERY: KJEE’s Localize It Pick of the Week: Bryan Titus Trio-7-9pm

DRAUGHTSMEN: The Revelators-4pm

MERCURY LOUNGE: Shape Pitaki, The Hypno Rings, The Real Savage Henry-8pm, 21+, FREE


COLD SPRING TAVERN: Sean Wiggins Lone Goat, Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan-115-730pm




Monday September 25th





LOBERO: Tycho-8pm




Tuesday September 26th




SOHO: Zoe Guess, Kenny Nelson, Kylie Marie-7pm, $8




Wednesday September 27th




SBBOWL: KJEE Presents THE XX, Perfume Genius-7pm

VENTURA THEATER: Rakim, Mic Bles, Tribel + more-7pm, $27-43

SOHO: Tennyson, Photay-9pm, $15-18

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Punk on Vinyl-9pm, 21+

MEL’S: Comedy on Tap-8pm

























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