MERCADO DEL NORTE- Crazy Horse Cantina: Flock of Cougars, Winchester Rebels, Tearaways-530pm, 21+

MERCADO DEL NORTE- Main Stage: Awkward, Rock Shop, Painted Desires, Young Guns, Pernicious Nonsense, Polaris, White Moon, Monkey House, Breaking Tempo-530pm, All Ages, FREE

CASA CANTINA-Spencer The Gardener w/ The Roosters-8pm-12am, 21+


THURSDAY July 31st


MERCADO DEL NORTE-Crazy Horse Cantina: SBYMA, Awkward, Tatum Vestal, Orange Circle, Spitfire, Jamey Geston, Zenia, Brandi Lentini, I Want My 80’s, Area 51-21+

MERCADO DEL NORTE-Main Stage-Official Breakdown, Let Flo Go, Hollis Long, Voice of Reason, Broken, The VU, Sabrina Lentini-630pm, All Ages, FREE

CASA CANTINA: Moonshiner Collective 5-7pm, The Bomb- 8pm-12am, 21+

SOHO: Mango Mango, Doghouse, Mad Hearts, White Moon-630pm, All Ages, $10-12

VELVET JONES: Lives Through Us-In Memory of Jordan Tabor-9pm, $10

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Pacific Haze, Frankie Boots and The County Line-9pm, 21+

JAMES JOYCE: Alastair Greene-10pm, 21+, FREE

WHISKEY RICHARDS: 80’s night w/ DJ Crash-9pm, 21+, FREE

DARGAN’S: Dannsair-Traditional Irish Music-630pm


FRIDAY Aug 1st


MERCADO DEL NORTE-Crazy Horse Cantina-Rock Shop, SB Sings, Datar, Last Page, Spitfire, Vital Signs, Juano & Friends, Mezcal Martini, Anthony Prieto Band-12pm, 21+

MERCADO DEL NORTE-Main Stage-Sabrina Lentini, Moxy and the Influence, Stereo Love, Trip Aces, Almost Anywhere, Bi Polar Bear, Stolen Thunder, False Puppet, The Paralyzers-5pm, All Ages, FREE

CASA CANTINA: DJ SPARX(day dj-All ages), Quinto Sol w/ The Fire Department-8pm-12am ,21+

SOHO: Cornerstone, The Upbeat-9pm, 21+, $12

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Johnny Love and The Dankadellics-9pm, 21+

JAMES JOYCE: The Kinsella Brothers-21+, FREE

VELVET JONES: Fiesta Friday w/ Metalachi, The Oles-8pm, 21+, $10-15

MEL’S: Slanted Land-8pm, 21+

MAJESTIC VENTURA THEATER: Chiodos, Blessthefall, I Killed the Prom Queen, Capture the Crown-7pm

TIBURON TAVERN: Karaoke w/ Dyno Mike-8pm, 21+

CARR WINERY: The Agreeables-6pm, FREE




MERCADO DEL NORTE-Crazy Horse Cantina-Dusty Jugz, The Rincons, Alastair Greene, A fish Sea and the Moon, The Upbeat, Nate Latta-12pm, 21+

MERCADO DEL NORTE-Main Stage-Rudenko, Vital Signs, March 4th, The Smooth Accolades, Stoneage, Gravity Hill, Stolen Thunder, Siren, Almost Anywhere, The Paralyzers, Skick, Bi Polar Bear, Moxy & The Influence, Bad Jack, A+ Dropouts, Galvenized Souls-1pm, All Ages, FREE

CASA CANTINA: Pacific Haze-230-430pm, Buyepongo w/Fresco & Moonlight Trio-8pm-12am, 21+

THE CREEKSIDE: Doggin’ Fiesta for DOGS: A Rockin’ Benefit for Deserving Dogs Rescue & Rehabilitation-Featuring The DTease, Damaged Goods, The Devros, Phantasmata, Kelp, 2-Faced-4pm, 14 & Under=FREE, 15 and Up=$12

VELVET JONES: Fiesta Blowout w/ DJ Johnny Blaze-8pm, 21+

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Rockstar Karaoke-9pm, 21+, FREE


SUNDAY Aug 3rd


SOHO: Mars Hotel, Brothers Gow, Spafford- 730pm, All Ages, $8

WHISKEY RICHARDS: My Own Holiday-5pm, 21+

VELVET JONES: Zee Will, Kam Cooks, Brian Cade, Crash-8pm, $10

JAMES JOYCE: Karaoke-9pm, 21+ FREE


MONDAY Aug 4th


SOHO: Alex Hahn Trio- Tribute to Etta James-730pm, All Ages, $10

CREEKSIDE: Karaoke w/ Dyno Mike-7pm, 21+

JAMES JOYCE: Karaoke-9pm, 21+ FREE

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Open Mic Night-21+





SOHO: Ben & Ash, Rusty Lindsey, Clones-7pm, All Ages, $7

JAMES JOYCE: Teresa Russell-10pm, 21+, FREE

DARGAN’S: Karaoke w/ Dyno Mike-7pm, 21+




SOHO: Sir Sly – 8pm, $12

MAJESTIC VENTURA THEATER: Juicy J, Cali Allstar, Mo Stylez, LanceDelune-8pm, $30

MARQUEE: Open Mic Night Hosted by Dustin Janson-8pm, 21+, FREE

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Punk On Vinyl-8pm, 21+

OREANA WINERY: Kimmie Dee’s No Indoor Voices feat. Craig Shoemaker-6pm, FREE











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